Welcome to our YouTube channel where today in this video we are going to discuss about HOME REMEDIES FOR GLAUCOMA. Lots of women are there who are hurting from glaucoma and like to get rid of it completely and too many women are there also who don’t know about glaucoma and how it occurs and what causes it and everything about glaucoma and lots of people are here also who don’t know about glaucoma and they want to know about glaucoma completely because lots of people are there who has glaucoma but they don’t know that they have glaucoma due to they are living their life with so many health issues. The peoples who don’t know about glaucoma and they want to know all about glaucoma then they should have to watch this video because this video is best and easy way to know about glaucoma because in this video we will teach you all about glaucoma like how it occurs, what causes, what are the symptoms of glaucoma and how to get rid of it. So, if you have glaucoma then you should watch this video.
Glaucoma is an eye disease and refers that many eye conditions that damage the optic nerve. It affect the vision power and has four main types as chronic open and angle glaucoma , primary angle- closure glaucoma, secondary glaucoma and developmental glaucoma ( congenital glaucoma ). Chronic open- angle glaucoma is more common in many people and other types are rare. Glaucoma treatment, we sharing some almost effective home remedies for glaucoma, so you can use these home remedies to treat glaucoma at home. Some home remedies for glaucoma grind some almonds kernels and kali mirch peppercorns with water and filter. Finally add some sugar- candy and use this in glaucoma treatment.
To know more about HOME REMEDIES FOR GLAUCOMA please watch this full video.

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