The blend you already know, but mixed with some honey to boost your life to the guru level.

Guru’s opinion:
“When you need a quick boost of energy to accomplish any physical mission, enjoy a bite the size of an almond and save the rest for later”.

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Content 0.5 oz.
+ 18 Ancestral herbs
+ Synergetic formula
+ Water soluble
+ With HONEY


  1. Cocoa powder
  2. Maca root (peruvian ginseng)
  3. Turmeric root
  4. Nutmeg
  5. Black pepper
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Echinacea
  8. Green coffee
  9. Carrot
  10. Beet root
  11. Astragalus Root
  12. Ashwagandha root (indian ginseng)
  13. Spirulina
  14. Milk Thistle
  15. Aloe vera
  16. Moringa
  17. Gingko
  18. Alfalfa
  19. Honey

Some of the health benefits:


1. Contains a variety of nutrients
2. Rich in antioxidants
3. Better for blood sugar levels than regular sugar
4. May improve heart health
5. Promotes burn and wound healing
6. May help suppress coughing in children
7. Easy to add to your diet

Cocoa powder

Improved Cognitive Health
Stronger Immune System
Lessened Side Effects of RadiationTherapy
Better Muscle and Nerve Function
Wound Healing
Lower Risk of Heart Disease
Reduced Inflammation
Weight Loss and Control


Maca Root

1. May increase libido
2. May improve certain aspects of fertility in males
3. May help relieve symptoms of menopause
4. May improve mood and energy

Other potential health benefits
Human research investigating the potential health benefits of maca is limited.
May help preserve cognitive function.
May benefit benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
May benefit skin health.


Turmeric Root

1. Potential Protection From Alzheimer’s Disease
2. Arthritis Relief
3. Improved Brain Health
4. Possible Mood Enhancement
5. Protection From Inflammation


Astragalus Root

1. Immune system support
2. Anti-aging and Cancer
3. Cancer
4. Chemotherapy symptoms
5. Heart disease
6. Diabetes
7. Allergies
8. Kidney disease
9. Athletic performance
10. Wound healing

10 Proven Health Benefits of Astragalus

Milk Thistle

Protects The Liver
Manages Diabetes
Improves Heart Health
May Have Anticancer Potential
Regulates Cholesterol
Prevents Gallstones
Skin Care
Weight loss
Improves Bone health
Treats Asthma
Boosts Immunity
Anti-fungal Activity
Slows the Onset of Alzheimer’s
Treats Psoriasis

14 Impressive Benefits of Milk Thistle

Moringa oleifera

1. Moringa oleifera Is Very Nutritious
2. Moringa oleifera Is Rich in Antioxidants
3. Moringa May Lower Blood Sugar Levels
4. Moringa oleifera May Reduce Inflammation
5. Moringa Can Lower Cholesterol
6. Moringa oleifera May Protect Against Arsenic Toxicity



1. May Help with Alzheimer’s Disease
2. May Improve Cognitive Function
3. May Reduce Anxiety and Depression
4. May Support Heart Health
5. Antidiabetic Properties
6. May Help with ADHD
7. May Reduce Tinnitus

The 7 Benefits of Ginkgo: Dosage & Safety


1. Alfalfa can Help Reduce Cholesterol
2. Diuretic Benefits
3. It Can Ease Digestive Problems
4. To Strengthen Immunity and Circulation
5. For Arthritis, Gout and Bursitis
6. To Support Healthy Blood Sugar
7. Other Benefits of Alfalfa Supplements
Detoxification of the liver and urinary tracts
Pituitary gland support
An alkaline effect on the entire body
Promotes regular bowel movement
Increases energy and reduces fatigue
Helps to increase bone density
Promotes healthy teeth and better breath
For morning sickness

7 Proven Benefits and Uses of Alfalfa


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