Natural Supplements and Treatment for Anxiety
When people are looking to treat their anxiety without medication, what they usually mean is that they want to know what herbs and supplements will work for them. And because I get asked about this a lot, I did a ton of research last year on natural supplements to treat anxiety, so in this video I am going to go over 15 of the research backed natural treatments for anxiety that have been shown to have an impact on anxiety, but I am also going to talk about a much more holistic approach to mental health. At the end of this video I’ll list 7 other effective treatments for anxiety, but this video is mostly about supplements. So let’s talk about a couple of ways to combat anxiety other than medication

There’s this incredibly widespread misconception out there, this idea that if you get diagnosed with depression or anxiety that means that you were born with anxiety or depression that it’s so genetic that there’s nothing you can do about it….now of course there’s a biological factor, but there’s about 20 other factors too. It’s not your fault, but it is treatable, don’t get sucked into the unhelpful pattern of believing you just have to suffer through life. I go into a lot more detail on this in my online course “Change your Brain: 10 Alternatives to medication to change brain chemistry” and this course teaches ways to change your thinking and actions that actually change your brain chemistry, check out the link in the description. But in this video we’re going to talk about supplements, let’s see what some of our non-medication options for treatment are:
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