IBS is a very common lifestyle disorder or a gut disorder we see in today’s date, very common. It can be result of many other gut diseases also but it is found independently in many of the people. Very small part of them are drug induced which I will be not addressing it now. But if it is due to any of the other reasons, natural reasons for this but you need to do what are the symptoms first up all for IBS Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome. It is repeated bowel moments that means that you have something to eat you need to run to the washroom. You eat something you need to rush, you drink something you need to go. So generally, the commonest thing they complain with when they come to doctor they say that I use the washroom more than 4 to 5 times a day and generally correlated with food I take in. But if you really dissect it and see the issue, we even see the many of the reasons or more related to this stress or mind also. So IBS is not only related to the body, it is a psychosomatic disease or disorder . So the treatment also has to be done accordingly. In Ayurveda, it is explained in the name of Grahani in a beautiful way and very simple home remedies very simple medicines sometimes and the more they have insisted again on their life style. So some of them just respond by taking buttermilk, maybe 2 to 3 glasses of a day. But not all, some of the home remedy you can make a note of it for IBS even before you go to doctor is pomegranate. Not only the fruit, but also the pomegranate skin which if it boiled with 100 ml of water and reduce it to 50 ml and drink 30 when it is warm and add two spoons of curd to it and consume 1 to 3 times day as per the requirement. Most of the time once a day is more than sufficient. Sometimes we also give them bilva patra called bilva tandula. You can make a gruel of bilva leaves along with regular rice, preferably red rice and make a gruel and give once a day, approximately 150 to 200 ml of it, not as a medicine but as a food. When it crosses the limits of home remedy better to go for some Ayurveda doctor because very simple natural remedies can be given and take dadimashtaka churna, takrarishta, many other combination depending on the patient. Along with medication I repeat run, walk, exercise, yoga. Practise it regularly. Yoga and meditation contributes a lot in the treatment. Drug induced IBS can be handled easily by giving a good detoxification for the patient in the form of virechana.



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