Tuberculosis : Causes, Symptoms & Llifestyle & natural solutions to fight – Dr. Prashanth S Acharya

Tuberculosis in Sanskrit or in Ayurveda is called as Rajayakshma. Nowadays it is very clear to everyone that it is an infection of the lungs. Once it is infected cough with sputum, weakness loss of weight, sometimes slight fever in the evening, distaste, disinterest towards food, weakness is the symptoms that they present with. Nowadays there is plenty of lab investigations to prove that it is Tuberculosis. Ayurveda can treat tuberculosis potentially. There are many herbs and herbomineral preparations that can be given to combat tuberculosis. many at times it is seen the medicines we give has to be given for months together, even upto a year or so. The medicaments are made are vasa, adhatoda vasa, there are preparations like chyawanprash, agastya haritaki. There are some of the herbomineral preparations like mahalakshmi vilas ras, shwasa kasa chintamani ras, kafaketu ras. Depending on the condition of the patient we do a lot of combination of these drugs and then treat the patient accordingly. Once we start the medication about 2 to 6hth week we see an improvement in their weight gain also. That is one of the strong symptom we consider the medicines we give are working on them. I will not suggest anything that is a home remedy. Visit the doctor and he is the only person who can give you a remedy for it. Don’t try home remedy without much knowledge in it.



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