Are you tired of suffering from seasonal allergies from tree pollen, grasses or weeds? Or, do you deal with allergies year round from indoor allergens from dust mites and pet dander? While there are many effective over the counter treatments, they come along with some side effects that might not make them an option you can regularly use like drowsiness, dry mouth, headaches or nausea. If you want to a natural remedy for your stuff, runny, itchy nose and eyes and want to avoid OTC or prescriptions, I’ve happy to share that you can make your own herbal allergy medication capsules that really work and provide relief!
Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs:
The Herbal Apothecary:
Pill Capsules (Separated):
Capsule Filling Kit:
Now, let’s gather our ingredients:
1 cup dried nettle leaves
1 cup dried alfalfa leaves
1 cup dried golden rod flowers
Empty vegetarian capsules (you can find these at your local health food store or online)
A mason jar or any airtight container for storage
Step 1: Harvest or purchase your herbs
If you have access to fresh herbs, lucky you! You can harvest nettle leaves, alfalfa, and golden rod flowers from your own backyard or find them at a local herb shop. Otherwise, you can easily order them online from reputable sources.
Step 2: Dry the herbs
Spread out the nettle leaves, alfalfa, and golden rod flowers on a clean surface or drying rack. Let them air dry for a few days until they’re completely dry and crispy. This step is important to prevent mold or spoilage in your capsules.
Step 3: Grind ’em up
Once your herbs are fully dried, grind them into a fine powder using a coffee grinder, blender, or mortar and pestle. Make sure to grind each herb separately to maintain their individual qualities. You want a smooth consistency so that the herbs will fit well into your capsules.
Step 4: Mix ’em together
In a clean bowl, combine the powdered nettle leaves, alfalfa, and golden rod flowers. Mix them thoroughly, ensuring an even distribution of the herbs. This blend will be the foundation of your allergy medicine.
Step 5: Fill the capsules
Now it’s time to put those herbs into action! Grab your empty vegetarian capsules and separate them. Take one half of a capsule and use it as a scoop to fill it with the herbal blend. Gently pack the herb mixture into the capsule and then close it with the other half. Repeat this process until all your capsules are filled.
Step 6: Store and enjoy
Transfer your homemade herbal allergy medicine capsules to an airtight container, like a mason jar, and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure to label the jar with the contents and the date of preparation. Now you have your own natural allergy-fighting capsules ready to use whenever you need some relief!
To use the capsules, take one or two as needed when you feel allergy symptoms coming on. Remember, everyone’s body is different, so you may need to adjust the dosage based on your individual needs.
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